Author Topic: why we need to Index movies is S'world  (Read 652 times)

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why we need to Index movies is S'world
« on: November 07, 2012, 10:22:55 PM »
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  • Hello Guys,
    Many of us don't know why it is important. So take a example
    I want to download skyfall which is release in 2012. the best way i can search it in Google. But at there u found may results & take some time to select proper downloading link.
    Now when you are in S'World. Just hit "Automatic index" from top then select "2012". It lodes index automatically. Hit "S"  Find "Skyfall [2012]" & click on it.
    When topic of skyfall opens select file size to download

    Movies Directory   Audio stuff & videosongs
    Movies size < 1Gb   1Gb >Movies size <2Gb   2Gb >Movies size <4Gb
    4Gb >Movies size <6Gb   6Gb >Movies size <9Gb   9Gb >Movies size <20Gb
         *20Gb >Movies size*
    open anyone u needed. Once it's open scroll it for links. In reply of that movie u find various locations that shear that movie.
    In this way when we have strong database any one can find any movie to download.

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