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Zero Kelvin [1995]shrinkbot396
Wild Side [1995]shrinkbot586
The Wife [1995]shrinkbot577
Who's Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics [1995]shrinkbot693
The White Balloon [1995]shrinkbot883
Whisper of the Heart [1995]shrinkbot22784
When Night Is Falling [1995]shrinkbot897
Welcome to the Dollhouse [1995]shrinkbot11109
Weekend Lover [1995]shrinkbot8101
Waati [1995]shrinkbot465
Unstrung Heroes [1995]shrinkbot17154
Unstrung Heroes [1995]shrinkbot13271
Underground [1995]shrinkbot33377
Under the Domim Tree [1995]shrinkbot6189
Ulysses' Gaze [1995]shrinkbot15232
Two Deaths [1995]shrinkbot576
Truman [1995]shrinkbot880
Tropical Fish [1995]shrinkbot7114
Tot Ziens [1995]shrinkbot468
Tokyo Fist [1995]shrinkbot575
Those Were the Days [1995]shrinkbot463
Summer Snow [1995]shrinkbot989
Stonewall [1995]shrinkbot10102
Steal Big Steal Little [1995]shrinkbot576
The Star Maker [1995]shrinkbot465
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