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Yodha [1992]shrinkbot599
The Yo-Yo Gang [1992]shrinkbot578
Wuthering Heights [1992]shrinkbot481
White Badge [1992]shrinkbot377
We Are Not Angels [1992]shrinkbot487
Waterland [1992]shrinkbot6103
Vacas [1992]shrinkbot5120
Tito and Me [1992]shrinkbot589
Titanica [1992]shrinkbot11166
Timescape [1992]shrinkbot5102
This Is My Life [1992]shrinkbot8120
That Night [1992]shrinkbot8132
Talking Head [1992]shrinkbot368
A Tale of Winter [1992]shrinkbot9117
The Sun of the Sleepless [1992]shrinkbot6351
Sumo Do, Sumo Don't [1992]shrinkbot17215
Strictly Ballroom [1992]shrinkbot19257
Storyville [1992]shrinkbot9114
The Story of Qiu Ju [1992]shrinkbot9130
The Stolen Children [1992]shrinkbot579
The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Frosty [1992]shrinkbot11144
Sidekicks [1992]shrinkbot14203
Shakes the Clown [1992]shrinkbot12150
Seedpeople [1992]shrinkbot12190
Schtonk! [1992]shrinkbot487
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