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Nine to Five [1980]shrinkbot26258
The Visitor [1980]shrinkbot1476
The Apple [1980]shrinkbot24115
Shogun Assassin [1980]shrinkbot987
The Boogeyman [1980]shrinkbot17121
Touched by Love [1980]shrinkbot357
One-Trick Pony [1980]shrinkbot350
Coast to Coast [1980]shrinkbot557
In God We Tru$t [1980]shrinkbot551
Phobia [1980]shrinkbot355
Smokey and the Bandit II [1980]shrinkbot1160
The Kidnapping of the President [1980]shrinkbot240
The Octagon [1980]shrinkbot16126
The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu [1980]shrinkbot1186
Raise the Titanic [1980]shrinkbot15202
Loose Shoes [1980]shrinkbot356
The Earthling [1980]shrinkbot644
The Little Dragons [1980]shrinkbot16146
Honeysuckle Rose [1980]shrinkbot976
Oh! Heavenly Dog [1980]shrinkbot462
The Children [1980]shrinkbot565
Galaxina [1980]shrinkbot1152
The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood [1980]shrinkbot349
The Alien Dead [1980]shrinkbot675
The Hollywood Knights [1980]shrinkbot949
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