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Modern Problems [1981]shrinkbot8199
Dawn of the Mummy [1981]shrinkbot13196
Fantasies [1981]shrinkbot350
The Prowler [1981]shrinkbot7107
Nightmare [1981]shrinkbot994
All the Marbles [1981]shrinkbot458
Just Before Dawn [1981]shrinkbot890
Enter the Ninja [1981]shrinkbot661
Galaxy of Terror [1981]shrinkbot1370
So Fine [1981]shrinkbot682
The Boogens [1981]shrinkbot889
Superman II [1981]shrinkbot34268
Final Exam [1981]shrinkbot992
Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams [1981]shrinkbot355
Image of the Beast [1981]shrinkbot243
King of the Mountain [1981]shrinkbot244
Bloody Birthday [1981]shrinkbot891
Night School [1981]shrinkbot772
Eyes of a Stranger [1981]shrinkbot457
Maniac [1981]shrinkbot24150
Earthbound [1981]shrinkbot450
Blood Beach [1981]shrinkbot1065
Scream [1981]shrinkbot650
Zorro, The Gay Blade [1981]shrinkbot781
Zoot Suit [1981]shrinkbot784
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