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The Year of Living Dangerously [1982]shrinkbot24158
The Worthless [1982]shrinkbot553
Woman of Fire '82 [1982]shrinkbot16102
The Wizard of Oz [1982]shrinkbot657
The Wind [1982]shrinkbot338
White Dog [1982]shrinkbot1688
We of the Never Never [1982]shrinkbot7159
War and Peace [1982]shrinkbot049
Volver a empezar [1982]shrinkbot356
Visiting Hours [1982]shrinkbot867
Vidhaata [1982]shrinkbot469
Victor Victoria [1982]shrinkbot13140
Vice Squad [1982]shrinkbot470
Veronika Voss [1982]shrinkbot7101
Turkey Shoot [1982]shrinkbot17127
The Trout [1982]shrinkbot479
Trick or Treats [1982]shrinkbot7102
La Traviata [1982]shrinkbot474
Time Stands Still [1982]shrinkbot256
That Night in Varennes [1982]shrinkbot654
That Championship Season [1982]shrinkbot1277
Tenk?sei [1982]shrinkbot553
Tenebrae [1982]shrinkbot58503
Sword Stained with Royal Blood [1982]shrinkbot347
The Sword and the Sorcerer [1982]shrinkbot14160
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