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Biutiful [2010]shrinkbot31345
Blue Valentine [2010]shrinkbot47392
Another Year [2010]shrinkbot46395
The Illusionist [2010]shrinkbot67447
Gulliver's Travels [2010]shrinkbot28234
Somewhere [2010]shrinkbot46386
True Grit [2010]shrinkbot46341
Little Fockers [2010]shrinkbot22155
Little Fockers [2010]shrinkbot12249
Rabbit Hole [2010]shrinkbot37238
Casino Jack [2010]shrinkbot21128
Yogi Bear [2010]shrinkbot29171
Tron Legacy [2010]shrinkbot1961437
The Fighter [2010]shrinkbot58511
How Do You Know [2010]shrinkbot18150
The Tempest [2010]shrinkbot20139
Frankie and Alice [2010]shrinkbot1184
The Tourist [2010]shrinkbot46302
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader [2010]shrinkbot1461054
Night Catches Us [2010]shrinkbot1294
The Warrior's Way [2010]shrinkbot14235
I Love You Phillip Morris [2010]shrinkbot27310
Black Swan [2010]shrinkbot101717
The King's Speech [2010]shrinkbot109687
The Nutcracker [2010]shrinkbot23122
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