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You Were Never Lovelier [1942]shrinkbot1087
The Young Mr. Pitt [1942]shrinkbot573
Yankee Doodle Dandy [1942]shrinkbot25168
Woman of the Year [1942]shrinkbot674
Whom the Gods Love [1942]shrinkbot241
Who Done It? [1942]shrinkbot352
Went the Day Well? [1942]shrinkbot885
Wake Island [1942]shrinkbot1185
Valentin the Good [1942]shrinkbot346
The Undying Monster [1942]shrinkbot452
Uncensored [1942]shrinkbot568
Tortilla Flat [1942]shrinkbot8104
Tombstone, the Town Too Tough to Die [1942]shrinkbot255
To Be or Not to Be [1942]shrinkbot22164
Thunder Rock [1942]shrinkbot11170
This Was Paris [1942]shrinkbot364
This Gun for Hire [1942]shrinkbot11118
This Above All [1942]shrinkbot679
There's One Born Every Minute [1942]shrinkbot359
Tennessee Johnson [1942]shrinkbot787
Tarzan's New York Adventure [1942]shrinkbot1264
The Talk of the Town [1942]shrinkbot1375
Tales of Manhattan [1942]shrinkbot680
Sweater Girl [1942]shrinkbot443
Springtime in the Rockies [1942]shrinkbot782
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