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Gremlins [1985]shrinkbot38509
Ghostbusters [1985]shrinkbot77676
Follow That Bird [1985]shrinkbot9100
Creature [1985]shrinkbot9102
Gymkata [1985]shrinkbot1096
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning [1985]shrinkbot15201
Sylvester [1985]shrinkbot8117
Missing in Action 2: The Beginning [1985]shrinkbot659
Certain Fury [1985]shrinkbot373
Turk 182 [1985]shrinkbot880
Fast Forward [1985]shrinkbot691
Mischief [1985]shrinkbot453
The New Kids [1985]shrinkbot569
Avenging Angel [1985]shrinkbot899
Too Scared to Scream [1985]shrinkbot252
Rockin' Road Trip [1985]shrinkbot252
The Mutilator [1985]shrinkbot772
A Zed & Two Noughts [1985]shrinkbot1189
Young Sherlock Holmes [1985]shrinkbot19166
Yes, Madam [1985]shrinkbot16134
Year of the Dragon [1985]shrinkbot29204
The Woman and the Stranger [1985]shrinkbot573
Witness [1985]shrinkbot14109
White Nights [1985]shrinkbot17213
When Father Was Away on Business [1985]shrinkbot578
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